A little something to think about...

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-A little something to think about –

What was in your Pre-WOD snack?  What did it contain?  Any fat? Protein?

  • One way to enhance performance and recovery is to minimize the amount of stress your body encounters during the workout, and one way to do that (other than being well hydrated) is to ensure you eat enough energy-packed nutrients before the session. Every body is a bit different when it comes to handling food before a WOD, but you should try to consume a snack or small meal one to two hours before training. The snack should contain 250 to 350 calories with roughly 60 percent of those calories coming from non-sucrose carbohydrate sources.
  • Play around with different healthy snacks and watch your performance improve!

What about after the WOD?

  • You have roughly 45 minutes post-WOD to capitalize on your kick-a$$ performance...don't waste it!  After your workout, glycogen synthases — an enzyme whose mission is to help you replenish the energy you lost — is circulating in high concentration. It’s trying to find glucose to store for your next session, and you have 45 minutes to an hour to capitalize on it, so don’t wait to get home before you ingest protein and carbs.  Get a post-WOD recovery drink or other fast-digesting carbohydrate in you as soon as possible. Interestingly, most recent research is showing that a recovery drink with protein added to the carbohydrate solution actually results in greater glycogen storage than one with carbs alone.

What's this I hear about FISH OIL?

Omega 3’s/Fish oil is crucial in everyday life, especially for you!  Some of the benefits of taking fish oil regularly are:

  • Stimulates blood circulation/reduces risk of heart attack
  • Reduces risk of strokes
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves joint health

We are not big believers in over-the-counter supplements.  Instead, we believe that if you eat well, combine the right high quality nutrients in the right proportions, stay hydrated, and sleep well, you should be set.  However, you should absolutely be on a good quality fish oil. This stuff is like liquid gold!  Try a good quality fish oil and you will feel and see a positive impact of the stuff.  A good quality fish oil will not be cheap, manufactured, ultra-processed, or clear in color.  A good quality fish oil will also not require you to take more than 4 pills/day.  The smaller the fish, the better...a good quality fish oil will come from krill, sardines, anchovies, or similar.  You should take no less than 1200mg per day of high absorption DHA/EPA fish oil.