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Chris Padilla, Owner

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Gina Padilla, Owner

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Welcome to Big Muddy CrossFit!  Big Muddy CrossFit is not your everyday CrossFit box.  We offer excellent CrossFit programming as well as CardioXtreme classes that will rock your world.  We invite you to come see what the buzz is all about.  We are certain that you will absolutely love CrossFit, CardioXtreme, and the community/family of athletes.

We have two amazing and brilliant daughters that are very supportive of the CrossFit fact, you just may catch them doing a WOD here and there...  Extra family members are: house cat Paige, dogs, Kellee, Duke, Ilsa, and Stitch, horses, Princess, Angel, and Denny, and too many barn cats...

Outside of CrossFit, we enjoy being outside and learning and playing all sorts of sports, coaching various youth sports, hiking, biking, running, gardening, mowing the lawn, and volunteering.

We are both U.S. Army veterans.  Chris is a member of Bismarck's Far West Rotary Club.


Sheila Kuhn

CardioXtreme / knockout9

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Hey peeps!  I received my CardioXreme certification from Foundation Krav Maga and my CF L1 at CrossFit Max Effort.  I am excited and invite you to come try a CardioXtreme and a CrossFit won't regret it. Outside of Big Muddy CrossFit, I enjoy playing racquetball (just to hit Chris with the ball), running, hiking, traveling, crafting, and being a super aunt!


Chrissie Placek

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USA Weightlifting

Anyone that knows me KNOWS writing this bio will be a toughie (and probably long) but here it goes!!

Surprise!! I'm not a North Dakota native I was born and raised in a suburb of Seattle, WA. I was one of those kids that could swim before I could walk and dance before I could run. I was pretty much raised on the water so my parents "submerged" me early. I also never walked anywhere either, I spun and twirled to and fro, or at least that's what they tell me! This led to my first exposure to something athletic, classical dance like ballet tap and jazz. By the time I was 8 I was playing softball. Then at 10, volleyball. I played both sports and continued to study dance all through my high school years and even into my early college years.

In high school I was introduced to the weight room by my softball coach and never looked back! I fell in love with iron and lifting heavy things. It was something that I could do where my height and smallish stature wouldn't hinder me. In college I really got into weight lifting. I guess it didn't hurt that I had many friends that played football and would push me to be better in the weight room!! No matter where life took me I always had a weight room somewhere. I love me some barbell!!

Sooooo 4 years ago I started playing roller derby and about a year and a half in I realized I needed some form of functional training to take my derby game to the next level. Enter CrossFit!! Man was it hard at first, especially since I had some health hang ups that prevented me from making a lot of progress. BUT I stuck with it because I LOVED IT!! I couldn't, and can't, imagine my life without this community. I have pushed myself beyond any limits I had previously encountered and always come out on top. I am a better person because of CrossFit. True story.

And on the personal side..... I have an awesome life with a fiancé that puts up with my crazy self and FIVE animals, 2 pups and 3 kitties.


Gina Gentzkow, DPT



Gina comes to us via Indiana and is a huge Hoosier fan.  Please don't hold that against her.  She graduated with her doctorate of physical therapy degree from the University of Mary.


Sean Tom Garry

Crossfit level 1

cf judge

Hello Community!! (Yes even you, the one just checking out CrossFit for the first time.) I’m pumped to be a part of Big Muddy CrossFit to help all of you awesome people become stronger, faster, healthier, or reach another related goal.

I am originally from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Most people wonder why I moved out here instead of staying in MN. Well, it’s where I got my job out of college, and it’s just a little bit closer to the mountains.  I love anything active and outdoors!! I grew playing multiple sports year round through high school, intramurals in college, and continue to be active in adults leagues here in town.

Currently I work as an engineer, but recently started a graduate degree in kinesiology, which is the study of how the body functions mechanically. My passion for CrossFit and helping people move safer and more efficiently started about five years ago, which is part of the reason why I am making the career shift today. I’m so excited to continue to learn how the body was intended to move and share some of the info with other people!

I love the unity that comes from Big Muddy and CrossFit. No matter our skill level, back ground or goals, we are all there to help push and encourage each other to do better. I view it as training for the many adventures of life. I push in my training so that I can do all of the other activities that I love to do!

Kayla Haugen, DPT

CrossFit Level 1

Hey Everyone!

  I am originally from Mandan, ND where I grew up out of town with 2 younger brothers.  I moved to Bismarck when I went to the University of Mary for college and have been here ever since.  I started doing CrossFit about 3 years ago when a good friend of mine wanted me to go with her to try it out.  I had never heard of it and wasn’t interested in it at all.  I played sports throughout high school, ran several 10K’s and half marathons, and went to the gym everyday…I thought I was in great shape.  WRONG! It only took a little 6-minute workout for me to realize how out of shape I really was.  Before I left, I signed up for a membership and was ready to start.  Ever since that day, I have fallen in love with CrossFit and what it has to offer.  One of my favorite things about CrossFit is that it continues to be challenging no matter how long you have done it.  I don’t ever get bored with the workouts and love how it pushes me during each workout.


I love doing pretty much anything outside, working out, and spending time with family and friends.  I am extremely passionate about helping people achieve their goals and can’t wait to see everyone’s progress! 


Tricia Brown

CrossFit Level 1

CF Mobility

cf judge

Hello CrossFit family! Little autobio for you all!  First off, I am from Montana.  Grew up in a small town called Glendive.  I came to Bismarck and earned my BSN at Mary college; this is where I have made my home and work for a traveling nurse company specializing in long-term care.  I have two wonderful children; Maximus, who is 11 and Karisma is 3.  They keep me very busy!  We enjoy lots of parks, walks and outside adventures!

I have been CrossFitting for a few years now.  It began as a way to train for long distance running and also to loose some weight.  Little did I know it would bring me to the place I am at today.  I feel blessed to be a part of such an encouraging community of athletes.  

When I'm not in the gym or running the kids around you may find me with my nose in a good book,  traveling, leading worship in our church band or in the kitchen.  I love to cook!  Nutrition is fascinating to me!  I am passionate about eating healthy and helping others to eat well also.  

One last thing!  There are a few of us who have started a group called Faith Rx'd.  God and CrossFit,  two of my favorite things!  We meet periodically throughout the month.  There will be a workout and a devotion.  Its just another way to plug into life and be of service.  

I look forward to continuing this journey with all who are willing.  If it was not for all of you I would not be here.  It has been so fun getting to know everyone!  A wise man once said, "We're all in this together".  I could not agree more! 




Kelli Wilson

crossfit level 1

cf judge

cardioxtreme / knockout9

Exercise was always a part of my adult life, but I would cycle in and out of it so my fitness level went up and down. In 1997, I decided I was tired of the roller coaster of feeling good and feeling bad, so joined a popular ‘as seen on TV’ plan.  It actually worked great.  I toned up, kept moving and stayed with it.  The down side was I was always starving on the low fat, low carb eating plan so would run out of steam easily.   I kept a very a busy calendar, going to the gym, riding my bicycle, hiking, ran a couple of marathons and thus churned through the years.  Then lifekicked me right in the teeth in the fall of 2011 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  That year-long  journey included two surgeries, chemo and radiation and left my body ravaged and wrecked.  Another year passed and I was so out of shape, puffy and tired…I just couldn’t stand thinking about what it would take to get back into shape.  Worse, I so missed being able to do all the fun things I did before. 

Lo and behold, I saw a couple of cars with the Big Muddy CrossFit logo on them, so I wandered over to an open house to see what the fuss was about.  Here I am two years later, healthier and happier than ever.  Plus I learned how to properly fuel my body for real life and am never starving, which probably makes me a much nicer person to be around!  The joy I feel as an athlete from doing the workouts and sharing both challenges and successes with the people at Big Muddy led me to want to guide others on the same wondrous path.   It is an such honor to be able to work with these amazingly positive, supportive and really fun folks.  Life is good!



Alexander Duppong

CrossFit Level 1

cf judge

Alex for short, unless I'm in trouble or you're my mother. I've come from background of being a born and raised ND Farmboy who's tried everything from throwing bails and picking rocks to nutrition coaches and personal trainers in my quest to find the best version of myself. 

CrossFit has been and still is the one thing that has worked and shown me the best results. Throw in the aspect that it's more of a family than a group and more of a house than a gym and who wouldn't want to show up. So that's what I do. You can find me floating around the box almost every day in the evenings, and if you can't see me I'm sure you can hear me.

Being one of the youngest in a large family you made yourself heard one way or another and now being a coach for the Big Muddy family is no exception. A wise man one said "man cannot live on CrossFit alone" to which I say WATCH ME, but that guy obviously wasn't that wise and between you and me (probably skipped leg day too).

So I say let's push ourselves every day and instead apply the saying from Socrates: “No one has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a person to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable.”

If you see me, don't be shy, stop over and say hi, and if you have a chance to hop into my class stick around and I'll buy ya a FitAid.

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Kayla Goetz-Padilla

CArdioxtreme / knockout9

Kayla is a pretty cool kid.  She gets up for the 0530 class, goes to school, plays sports, is the best bassoon player you will meet and still finds time to coach!  Be warned, she is sassy and tough and will push you to be your best.