Introductory CrossFit or cardioxtreme class: 


If you are wanting to see what CrossFit or CardioXtreme is all about, please contact us to schedule your free introductory class.  You will be scheduled with one of our awesome CrossFit or CardioXtreme certified coaches who will show you around and put you through your first WOD (Workout Of the Day).

CrossFit 101 & Barbell 101:

$50 for crossfit 101 and barbell 101 Classes.  

Ready to try CrossFit?  Learn the basic elements of CrossFit in our 2.5 hour CrossFit 101 class.  Each month, we will be having a CrossFit 101 class that all new members are required to attend.  CrossFit 101 is a comfortable, all-beginner environment led by a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer.  Barbell 101 class will be held periodically and is open to all members who want to learn barbell basics.  Barbell 101 class is led by a CrossFit and USA Weightlifting certified coach.

CrossFit 101 & Barbell 101 classes are mandatory and if missed, a make-up session will have to be scheduled.  There will be an up-charge for missed sessions.

Unlimited CrossFit & CardioXtreme: 

With this membership option, you will have unlimited access to our classes each month.  Contact us for pricing.  Discounts apply.

Limited CrossFit & CardioXtreme: 

With this membership option, members are limited to three (3) classes per week.  Contact us for pricing.



CardioXtreme is an excellent means to get you into shape, break your exercise boredom, and improve your self-defense!  CardioXtreme is a 30-minute workout that will teach you punching, kicking, ground and pound, and more...don't worry, you punch a bag...not your friends!  You will leave exhausted and excited for the next class!

CrossFit Kids

$45/month for one child

Family plans are available

CrossFit Kids is a scaled down version of CrossFit that combines gymnastics, body-weight calisthenics, and weightlifting elements to develop capacity across the 10 General Physical Skills.  We start with a discussion and demonstration of the WOD, then we warm-up, work on a skill, WOD, and then play a game...or two.

Military, college Student,
Emergency First Responder:


DD214, Military Issued ID card, and Student ID required 


available discounts for:

Married members

ND State employees

Health club credit (bcbs, sanford, others)

Punch Card:  

5 visit card $55.50

Drop In:

We love visitors!  Drop-in for free, see a coach for details.  All we ask is to contact us ahead of time.